As a tutor, words of gratitude coming from students or even parents themselves are like accolades that can never be replaced. Throughout my years of teaching, I am humbled by some nice things put together about my teaching. These are just but a few words of appreciation that kept me going till today. It’s satisfaction that sometimes goes deep down. 🙂

From a very kind Canadian HK mummy who entrusted her son into my Chinese classes:



Even the adults have something to say! Check out one of the interesting comments that made my day on one of the social media platforms:




“Hi Anson, I want to inform you that Okka’s got all A’s in his O-Level. Thanks to your help in his Chinese so that he had time to entirely concentrate on the remaining subjects. My wife insists on letting you know of our gratitude.” – Mr Than, father of a Burmese boy who was struggling with Chinese before I taught him


“Anson, 谢谢你的一系列话语。希望Barry能和你多沟通多联系,让他向你多学习,今后能和你一样具有一颗热忱的心去拥抱生活,再次谢谢你!” – Text message received from a student’s mother (family from China) who urged that her son keeps in contact with me to continue learning from me even after he completes his O level English, and to follow my footsteps in embracing life with passion!


“Hi Anson. Ibrahim did very well at school today. Thank you for all the hard work you do.” – A Pakistani mother on his son’s successful emceeing on stage – in Mandarin!

IMG_20140523_165806“Thanks so much for all your help and support for Connell and Lincoln. I know they will really miss you.” – Mr Darren on his two Aussie boys whom I taught Chinese to.