“All grown-ups were once children… but only few of them remember it.”
― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince




Why are you giving out free lessons?

As a working parent myself, I understand the frustrations of having to juggle household duties and work, even if it’s at home. During this Circuit Breaker period that everyone is adjusting to, I hope to lessen the burden of working parents who may need additional help, at no costs. 🙂

Who should apply?

As my availability is limited, I would appreciate that only those who need genuine help for your child should approach me for my services.

Can I book a slot with you?

Sure! Just drop me a message at 97887232, and we can arrange a time, based on my availability. Do note that I have other regular lessons going on as well, so I reserve the right to accept/reject any lesson requests.

What do I need to prepare?

Lessons will be conducted via Zoom platform. For those who are less tech-savvy, I can answer simple questions via whatsapp. Please prepare your child’s homework questions that you would like to ask in advance. You can take photo(s) of the homework and send it to me. Alternatively, on Zoom, you can share screen with me and I can guide your child by annotation.

Am I able to sign my child up for regular classes?

Well, yes, if you think my lesson is helpful, you can sign your child up for regular lessons. Do enquire on the fees and availability with me. 🙂


Please note that I’m doing this out of my own accord. I do not guarantee results nor would I guarantee to answer all questions correctly, but I will try my best, and up to my best knowledge.

Please contact Mr. Anson at 97887232 for availability.



Combining my love for music with language learning, I am happy to announce that I have curated a new course for young learners to learn language while having lots of fun! 🙂

Why the ukulele?
The ukulele is an affordable, light, portable musical instrument with only 4 strings. It is the perfect tool for young learners and it is super easy to pick up!

What does each lesson look (or sound like)?
There will be lots of singing involved! I will personally sieve out songs that are suitable for kids. These songs will have meaningful lyrics that will aid in their vocabulary learning, not to mention wonderful messages that will impart some good values.

Can my child choose to learn a favourite pop song?
Of course he/she can!

What is your main objective in creating this curriculum?
Basically, I want to show that learning language can be done in a fun way. Music is enjoyed by people of all ages, and it really is a wonderful form of expression. Through playing and singing, not only will the student learn to appreciate good music, he or she can learn good vocal techniques and feel empowered to master a song. Moreover, songs with good lyrics double as vocabulary builders. That’s killing two birds with a stone. So why not?

Who is this course suitable for?
Kids age 4 and above, current students who wish to add fun enrichment to their language learning. Basically anyone!

I conduct 1-to-1 lessons as well as group classes. Venue can be at your own place of convenience. Otherwise, I will have a location if the need arises.

Call/text 97887232 now to reserve a slot!


Teaching language using music, speech and drama as stimulus. Learning should be fun, nothing less! 🙂



Lesson Enquiries

Click on the photo to read more about my interview! 🙂

Lessons in progress 🙂


I was tasked to create English and Chinese learning programmes for these students from Sanguayin school in Suphanburi, Thailand, who came over to Singapore for a fun immersion travel and learning trip. The programmes lasted nearly 3 weeks. I ditched the normal curriculum that involves lots of writing and spun it into something more interactive. It was all good fun and games but I wanted them to take away with them something  more. The result was this positive-charged song I taught them, together with beautiful messages they crafted. It was a splendid end to their stay here. And my heart is full. ❤




In July 2016, I spent six mornings with these students who came from Zhejiang province in China to Singapore for an immersion programme. I was tasked to teach them English and had a textbook to refer for my lessons. However, knowing their level of English proficiency was not high, I decided to tailor my very own “immersion” programme for them – one that involves games, dancing and singing! Here’s the end result, our very own MV. 🙂



In May 2016, I got to teach a group of students from Bangkok, Thailand, who were here for a short stay. This time round, I was tasked to teach these kids Chinese. From teaching them how to introduce themselves to bringing them up on stage for “Show and Tell”, you could tell that they had a lot of fun! I chose one of my favourite childhood songs to teach them, coupled with hand gestures to add impression to learning the lyrics. How do you think they fared? 🙂

Teaching Thai students Chinese in an international school.

Other highlights!

You can contact Anson at anzzon@gmail.com or his mobile number at +6597887232 should you have any enquiries related to his teaching.