Anson Ong Founder
Anson Ong

Anson started tutoring back in his army days. Back then, he would spend weekends helping out at a tuition centre, conducting small classes for young learners. What was initially thought as a part-time “job” spun itself into a passion, as he grew to love teaching.

After serving the nation, he earned a Bachelor of Communication in a local university and worked as a writer for Magazines Integrated, the publishing force behind Epicure and Pets magazine. His other stints included writing for SAFRA’s online portal in2it.sg as well as copywriting in a local branding and advertising agency.

Currently, Anson writes on an occasional basis and is a freelance writer at Alvinology, a prominent local lifestyle blog. He covers a wide range of topics including food, entertainment, fitness and travel. His articles can be found at http://alvinology.com/author/anson-ong/.

Having studied English Literature, Chinese and Chinese Literature at ‘A’ levels, he has grown fond of the languages and is immensely grateful to be brought up in a bilingual learning environment in school. There is a Chinese saying that goes, “饮水思源”. Translated loosely, it means to “not forget the origin of the water you are drinking from”. With that, he would attribute his grasp of both languages to our pioneer leaders’ vision of a bilingual education policy.

Aside from giving 1 to 1 tuition, he conducts group lessons as well as teaches part-time in an international school, gaining well-rounded experience in teaching English as a Second Language, Humanities and Higher Chinese.

Being effectively bilingual, Anson is able to coach Chinese using the English mode of communication, and vice versa. He has helped many students understand the lessons better through his ability to toggle between the two languages, for instance, China students who want to learn English, as well as foreign students (including English-speaking locals) who want to learn Chinese.

More recently, he likes incorporating elements of music, art and drama into his lessons. As an ABRSM-certified teacher with Grade 7 Piano Practical and Grade 5 Theory qualifications, he also had numerous performing gig experiences, singing at community events to entertain crowds. He believes that learning language needs sustainability, and the only way to do so is to be interested in it. Music, for example, is an excellent platform that encourages holistic learning. A good song piece provides a story, doubles as vocabulary learning, and could even inspire and impart good values.

While many may focus on results, he feels that the process is even more precious and valuable. With that vision in mind, he seeks to influence more students in a positive manner, and thereby imbibing a love for both languages.

“I always believe in bridging gaps with my students, no matter how wide is the age gap (my youngest student being 3 years old). To me, being a tutor is not about being an authoritative figure with a stern demeanour. Rather, it is about the ability to connect at the levels of each individual student. Many of my students see me more than a tutor, or a mentor, but rather as an elder brother or a friend. Through this, I feel that it is more effective when it comes to imparting knowledge and techniques.”

You can contact Anson at anzzon@gmail.com or his mobile number at 97887232 should you have any enquiries related to his teaching.

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